Terms and conditions



The copyright of the material streamed by LiveCam-Pro lies with LiveCam-Pro. Our philosophy and business practice provides a broad dissemination of the streams in the network explicitly. So we provide the stream for, among others for TV-stations, radio-stations, the press and selected internet sites, so as to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the material. The target is a synergy effect including the spread via Facebook, our YouTube.Channel and other "social media".


LiveCam Pro is marketing on its website advertising space. The advertising spaces consist of three lines of text: name, short description and link to the website of the client.  It looks pretty much like the ads on Google, which everyone knows well.


The customer is responsible for the admissibility of the displayed contents of his camera. Since the camera is mounted at customer site, and often in inaccessible places for us, the responsibility for the displayed content lies with the customer. Streamed panoramas are not problematic and they are protected by european law called "freedom of panorama". If the customer positions the camera that faces or persons are identifiable, subject to the applicable data protection regulations and require a corresponding sign, which makes clearly visible for people where they can reclaim their rights.

Streaming costs 

The streaming costs are based on an RTSP-stream between 256-512 kbps. For higher streams prices must be negotiated with us, because of the higher bitrate. The streams on our website are running almost exclusively with a bit rate of 256 kbps!.


Although we can point to an almost 100% reliability, it can happen that one of the carriers in the European network fails. This is, however, extremely rare, and is outside our control. We offer our customers of course substitute and extend existing contracts for the downtime.


We can only stream cameras to which we have access and which have an opened service port. This is necessary to adjust the transmission parameters and -rates with our servers. Therefore it is necessary to inform us of any changes in the internal line (for example, new router, new provider). Otherwise, we reserve the right to stop streaming until we again have access to the camera.