Clever marketing:

The world is changing before our very eyes faster than we want it to. Especially the world of advertising. Where until recently it was sufficient to present a few nice pictures on your website, today your customers expect a little more "movement" and "animation" on your smartphone.

Modern technology

Wir bringen diese "Bewegung" in Ihren Webauftritt durch Live-Kameras. Ihre Kunden, die Ihre Webseite besuchen, werden begeistert sein, wenn sie ihr neues Angebot wahrnehmen. Mehr Bewegung und Aktualität als ein Live-Stream geht nicht!


With a manageable investment we bring your website into the 21st century.

And we make use of our extensive advertising network:
We very successfully do "reach" advertising with your camera by presenting it locally on many well-known media such as TV, radio and press.

But why don't you see for yourself?

IB3-Television: ib3.org/cameres

Ultima Hora: https://www.ultimahora.es/webcams.html

Inselradio: www.inselradio.com/programm/webcams/mallorca

Sunshineradio: www.mallorcasunshineradio.com/mallorca/webcams/

Diario Mallorca: https://www.diariodemallorca.es/servicios/webcam/webcam.jsp

Mallorca Zeitung: https://www.mallorcazeitung.es/servicios/livecams-auf-mallorca.html

Tiempo.es: https://www.tiempo.es/livecams/

Wetter.com: Our biggest customer is the German weather service:

The camera on your website is rated particularly positively in the Google Ranking, because it is in company of "important", on often visited websites. Google considers this to be significant, which makes your own web page is sorted upwards in the ranking. Google also registers that our cameras are hosted by the fastest server Europe´s at AmsIX in Amsterdam.

Yes we cam !