Growing through LiveCam-Pro  

We provide your website a wider reach out and improve your ranking significantly.
This makes our portal to an ideal advertising platform for your travel-, weather- or news-business.
You can decide for one of our offers:

1. Streaming

   We install a live cam at your location.
   You stream your view over the fastest server in Europe
   in Amsterdam and present the result on your website.
   Of course your stream will be presented on our portal LiveCam-Pro
   and we link your logo and a short description to your website.
   Price incl. camera (depending on camera type and technical condition) starting from £ 120 monthly.

2. Advertising

    You can advertise on our portal and benefit from 12 million page views per month.
    Depending on the size and the shape of the ad, you can advertise on one of the camera pages
    starting from £ 120 per month or on our home page starting from £ 1200 per month.

3. Testing

     If you only want to try how your click rates will multiply through a live stream
     on your website, you can book one or  more streams.
     Convince yourself of the positive influence on your ranking.
     We charge for one stream of your choice £ 40 per month.

Of course, the packages can be combined to each other.
On request we are pleased to make you an offer.

For further questions please contact us:   Opens internal link in current windowPalma

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