Röttenbach: Schulstraße


Gemeinde Röttenbach
Storchen Brutplatz

Roettenbach is a municipality in the district of Erlangen-Hochstadt. The main court of the place from which the later manor was built is first mentioned in 1433 in a deed of gift for Peter Bamberger and Veit Steward. On this farm, today brewery with sour environment, created a castle, which was protected by a moat. As part of the Aischgrund Roettenbach is characterized by many lakes and ponds. These were already created 500 to 700 years ago and still form the characteristic pond chains. The aquaculture, especially carp farming thus has a long tradition and is an important economic and cultural factor. The many ponds chains throughout Aischgrund provide a wide-ranging ecological networks. They provide a habitat for many rare animal and plant species, such as the moor frog. In addition, the ponds regulate memory as the water cycle by water is retained in the low rainfall period and the outflow is reduced at high water.