Palma: Paseo Maritimo


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The Avenida de Gabriel Roca with its 5.5 km length is popularly known as Paseo Marítimo. It extends from the Bay of Palma with the old lighthouse Portopí in the far west and in the east of Mallorca Cathedral. On Paseo Maritimo are known attractions such as La Lonja, a masterpiece of Gothic architect Guillem Sagrera, built from 1426 to 1447 and completed by Guillem Vilasclar. The avenue was named after the engineer Gabriel Roca. On Paseo Maritimo is also the Consulado - current seat of the autonomous Balearic government, the auditorium of Palma, bars with terraces, restaurants, nightclubs, the German island radio, the park Quarentena and at the western end of the Club de Mar.