Majorca: Sa Marina Pollensa


Kitesurf Mallorca Pura Vida

The beach of Sa Marina on the outskirts of Alcudia to Port de Pollensa, the best spot in Mallorca is to learn kitesurfing or deepen his skills. The bay is designed so that no large waves occur and the shallow water makes it easy to exercise the sport. Additional protection is provided by the favorable thermal, which is influenced by the parallel mountain ranges and offers the best wind conditions in summer. On mallorquin they are called thermals "Embat". It is, unfortunately, not found in any wind forecast.

The beach is part nature reserve, very spacious and bit touristy. On the coastal road, which leads directly to the beach of Alcudia to Port de Pollensa, a bicycle trail is marked and when cycling you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, framed by a beautiful mountain panorama. Then we have a colorful kites in the sky, created a memorable image.