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Playa de Muro

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Esperanza en Playa de Muro

Platja de Muro with its 5.2 km long stretch, is one of the longest beaches in the Balearics and is designated as a special nature reserve because of the calm waters and because of its fine white sand that extends to the inside of Albufera de Mallorca. In the channels once extensive rice and reeds planted. There live there different types of fish and native bird species that make this region a unique fauna. Four sections make this part of the coast north of the island: Platja de Muro Sector I, Platja de Muro Sector II and It Capella (the priests), since in the first half of the twentieth century his small detached building of monks who passed there in the summer, were occupied, and from humble people from nearby towns. It Capella is a fishing village by the sea, with its sandy streets and whitewashed facades, characterized by a typical southern vegetation. Along the beach you will find good hotels, with spectacular views over the sea and all kinds of restaurants, bars, shops and sports facilities such as horseback riding, surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, golf, mini golf and tennis. If you go inland, one finds dense woods, ideal to escape the heat of summer afternoons.