Majorca: Fundación Buitre Negro


Fundación Buitre Negro
Fundación para la conservación

The Foundation for the Preservation of the black vulture (Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, BVCF) is a nonprofit institution, founded in 1986 in Wassenaar, Netherlands with the aim of the population of black vulture (Aegypius monachos) in his previous europiäschen habitat to increase again. Therefore, the main area of ​​activity of the European Mediterranean and the Balkans. The activity is to promote the conservation of the species and its ecosystem. The first project in the country in 1987 in Mallorca started in order to get the last island population of black vulture in the world. Since 1986, the BVCF has also contributed important projects in Europe involving the breeding of the species in captivity in more than 40 European zoos, as well as the integration of the Black Vulture in France and Catalonia, an action plan for the conservation of vultures in the Balkans, the preservation of the area in the Balearic Islands, the fight against the illegal use of poison in Spain (program antidote) and the rest of Europe. The Foundation for the Preservation of black vulture is found in the municipality of Campanet.